Digger Bidder: Email Campaigns, Social Media & Adverts

Digger Bidder is the website for buyers and sellers of plant machinery and was launched in December 2016. I have been producing a wide range of graphics and animations for them since July 2016, as well as designing and creating their regular email campaigns.
Below are a few examples of the many web adverts and email campaigns I have created for Digger Bidder so far.

Digger Bidder Google Adverts by Richard Gill of Tarn Graphics

Digger Bidder Website Adverts by Richard Gill of Tarn Graphics

The Equipment Register needed an updated look for their Social Media pages to better illustrate what they’re about: Assisting the police in the recovery of stoled plant machinery with their database of registered equipment.
This needed to be done without too much change to their logo, so I decided to create a sympathetic padlock graphic that used the same line thicknesses as those of the letters T, E and R. The circular design now fits with the profile image layouts of all the main Social Media platforms.


Digger Bidder email designs by Richard Gill of Tarn Graphics