Cycling Team: Kit Design

You may have noticed a few cycling jerseys and kit on my website. As someone who used to race for a road team it’s an area I feel I’ve a lot of experience in and I thoroughly enjoyed creating this particular team’s look.
The Cycology-Sunwise team is a fully sponsored outfit who race on the UK and European domestic circuit.
This particular project was a bit of a challenge because not only did I have eight sponsors to represent, I was also working with the very latest technical fabrics from Pro Vision who’s top-level kit uses up to five different fabrics on the jersey alone! Each of these fabrics have very different properties and absorb colours to varying degrees. Clearly this can have a great affect on the consistency of the overall printed appearance, making the choice of colour a vital consideration. Even some of the sponsors’ logos needed to be adapted to ensure they presented clearly.
One main thing I wanted to achieve was a design that stood out, not only to the spectator but to those racing, making it easier to pick out your teammates in the peleton; something which has become harder to do since many designers simply follow the minimalist trend set by the likes of Team Sky.
One other key consideration is to create something that a rider will want to wear, even when out training. Thankfully this design was greeted with a unanimous thumbs-up by the sponsors, Team Managers and Team riders.

.Cycology-Sunwise cycle racing team kit

Below is a selection from the eight piece kit design.

Cycology-Sunwise team kit design Tarn Graphics

Cycology-Sunwise cycle racing team kit

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