Stowford Press: Cycling Jersey Designs

Following the success of Bradley Wiggins being the first Briton to win the Tour de France, and the medal haul of the British cyclists at the 2012 Olympics, Westons cider were quite keen to have their most popular brand represented on a cycling jersey.
Fortunately, this was relatively straight forward as a bottle is a similar shape to the torso; just add arms. However, you have to work within the limits of the jersey pattern, colour reproductions and the way the fabric affects text when taken too small. Westons Cider were very pleased with the result; So much so that when they rebranded Stowford Press, in 2014, I was asked to create the new jersey too.

Stowford Press cycling jersey design-Tarn Graphics

Photo, courtesy of Summit Different

Stowford Press cycling jersey advert

This advert was designed for the new Stowford Press jersey, based upon the fictitious Tour of Herefordshire. The map was created using a simple, but effective, 3D sculpture.

Stowford Press cycling jersey design 2013

Photo, courtesy of Impsport