3D Sculpture

3D sculpture is often thought of as the domain of the concept artist, model maker and animator. However, here is a little character who’s sculpture took him from a website graphic, to a key ring and then to a four and a half foot tall model.

My Pharmacist 3D model sculpture

My Pharmacist 3D keyring modelMy Pharmacist 3D keyring model

My Pharmacist model-Dave Nickels-Richard Gill-Tarn Graphics

Bringing this character to life has been a very rewarding process. The original use of the 3D sculpture was simply to enable us to place him at various angles without having to re draw him each time. He could then be placed within a graphic for web or print.
With the rise of 3D printing it seemed a logical step to try him out at a small scale, and so the keyring was born; around 2,000 of them! Although all cast from the same mould, each of the hard PVC characters is hand painted in China. Not easy task when he’s just 5 cm tall.
A little while later our client asked us to see if it were possible to have him made as a large scale model, having seen the Wallace and Gromit sculptures from Aardman. A few phone calls later we had tracked down the model makers, Specialist Models in Cardiff.
Soon the project was underway and going at quite a pace. Over the next three months countless images and emails passed between us as we went from a clay sculpture, to the making of the mould and then the casting of the final creation. Along the way every detail needed to be carefully scrutinised, every alteration checked and checked again as once the mould was cast the clay returned to dust. Fortunately, the team at Specialist Models were excellent at interpreting every single alteration we sent them and got it right every time.
The final stage was painting him, and although his colours are quite basic, Specialist Models sent several painted plastic swatches for us to choose from.
What followed were several sleepless nights as he was crated up and driven to Newquay in Cornwall, before being set up on his wheeled stand and checked over by our client. A phone call reassured us that all was perfect, but I couldn’t resist a visit, just to see for myself!

Richard Gill (Left) with the owner of Drury’s Pharmacy and My Pharmacist.co.uk

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My Pharmacist model makingSpacerMy Pharmacist model making