Saxon Care: Display & Marketing

Here’s a recent advertising project which is now out and working for my client, Saxon Care.
This is the first time I’ve chosen the Formulate Display System for a project, but the design of this one - particularly with its curved surface and rounded corners - is very sympathetic to the subject of care, which it advertises.
The 2.5 x 3.5 meter, double sided, display unit is made from a synthetic fabric with an internal, tubular, metal frame. Not only does this mean that the unit folds down into a bag the size of a family tent, but it can be taken off and washed in a domestic washing machine.
The second part of this project was to design a 6 x1.5 meter, double sided, vinyl banner using two sheets of vinyl for durability as it will be used outside for several weeks at a time.

My print company of choice were
N3 Display Graphics in Bristol, a large format printing specialist who are great to work with and produce superb quality print.

Saxon-Care-Formulate-Stand design by Richard Gill

Saxon Care Formulate-Display-Chippenham