RMA Sports UK: Catalogue, Logo & Web

RMA Sports UK are suppliers of top class cross country ski and biathlon equipment to the Armed Forces and the public, both in the UK and abroad. They had been growing steadily for fifteen years and wanted to smarten up their logo a little.

Working in such a specialised business they, and their logo, are extremely well known. For this reason I felt that it would be unwise to alter the essence of the logo, being the blue oval and bold red text, and so set about neatening it up.
Whilst, like any logo, I could have redesigned it in a number of ways, it's important that I listen to the client's wishes and work within them. By doing this the new and refreshed RMA logo is still instantly recognisable, while being sharper and more balanced.

RMA Spots UK Catalogue

I’ve designed and written this catalogue over four seasons now. Each year more products are added and so the layout needs to accommodate them.
For the 2017-2018 winter season the catalogue had a bit of a makeover as so many manufactures had updated their entire range, not to mention price changes.
For this particular catalogue I’m given a list of brands, products, and prices. From this point I contact the brands for their latest product images and go from there.

RMA Sports UK

Rma sports UK Website
Once the catalogue has been updated it is time to do the same for the website. This particular client prefers to use their website as more of an online catalogue rather than a shopping site. The reason for this is to ensure that people buy the right product once having spoken to them.
As a result, this shop-window type website is far cheaper to create, host, and manage, and is a great steppingstone on the way to a full online shop.