Logo Redrawing Service

It’s not just design companies who get sent totally inappropriate artwork for the task as I’m sure you’re aware. With so many file types available for the many and varied types of media around today, it’s not surprising that this happens; and when it does, it can be a real problem.
The usual problem is not having a piece of artwork that can be scaled up, or down, without loss of clarity. This is normally because you have been sent an image made of pixels, just like a photo. And, just like any photo, there will come a point where the clarity is lost as you resize it. If you’re lucky you might receive a very high resolution, pixel-dense image, which could well do the job. However, you then have a problem if you need to reduce its size too much.
So, what’s the answer? It could just be that you don’t have the right software to get your image to the dimensions and clarity that you require. On the other hand, your image might need to be completely redrawn, from scratch, so that you get exactly the image and type of file you need. Either way, this is where I can help you, so give me a call and we’ll get it sorted.

Logo redrawing service-Tarn Graphics Wiltshire

This logo brought the production of several thousand hard hats to a grinding halt simply because their client couldn’t supply anything other than the .jpg image below, on the right..
The only way around this was to completely redraw the logo using Adobe Illustrator, so that they would have fully scaleable vector artwork. Not an easy task considering the size of the image I had to work from.
This vector artwork is, essentially, a master artwork from which you can create any size of image you like, and save it in the most appropriate file-type, or multiple types, for the job.