Predator Fishing Netherlands: Logo Design

It’s not often that I need to create a font from scratch, but this logo needed to have a very specific look and feel to it, and the lettering needed to reinforcing the predator aspect of the pike. The brief also called for the pike to have a slightly amplified aggressive poise to add to the overall impact of the logo.
However, both the text and the pike are good logos in their own right and to marry the two together took a great deal of thought and experimentation to ensure that one didn’t overpower the other. The main reason for these two distinct components was the need to make a separate, simplified version for social media profile pictures and other icons, while retaining a clear identity. This logo will also be used on a variety of clothing and accessories so creating something flexible, both in layout and colour, was very important.

Predator Fishing Netherlands logo design-creation Tarn Graphics