Marina Gibson Fishing: Marketing, Logo Design & Website

Marina Gibson is the UK’s highest profile female fly fisher and an ambassador for the prestigious Orvis company. With 60,000 followers on social media, aperances on TV and regular articles and features in such publications as The Field, The Times, Country life and The Daily Telegraph - as well as being in demand as a fishing guide - she decided it was time to have her own logo to represent her many ventures.
From my discussions with Marina it was clear that the logo would need to cover a varied and growing range of services and products and would, therefor, need to have some degree of flexibility, but without loss of identity. For this reason I created two distinct versions of the logo which can also be used in whatever single-colour variation works best in a given situation. My design also allows for the removal of the word ‘Fishing’ allowing Marina to retain her identity when being represented outside the sphere of fly fishing.
My inspiration for this logo was the London fashion houses and one of the most famous salmon flies, the Green Highlander.


Bespoke Website for 2019
This website was a joint collaboration between myself and Elizabeth Freeman Web.
Elizabeth is an expert in SEO and everything that makes a site perform to its maximum.
For this project I designed the look, feel and layout of Marina Gibson’s website and Liz did all the building, coding, SEO and essential wizardry.
As you would expect, Marina’s new website is optimised for desk top, tablet and mobile views and functions, but best of all it is utterly bespoke, allowing us to build a website that functions exactly as it’s required to.
As a result every part of the website is there for a reason and we have full control of every aspect,

To learn more about Elizabeth and her website deign services click here.

Business Cards
I have a thing about business cards and that’s that they’re usually a bit formulaic which can cause them to lack impact with your clients. So, when I was asked to design this one I was delighted to be given the brief: Make it funky!
And here it is, a funky design, the front of which is based on her favourite camo fishing cap and the reverse is based on one of her sponsor’s fly boxes.
If you’re not a fly fisher then these points will be lost on you, but her clients most definitely know what they’re looking at. These business cards have become a talking point and people are asking for more than one so that they can keep one safe and undamaged.
It’s safe to say they’re a hit!


Vehicle Graphics
Magnetic signs are a great way to advertise on your car. Display them when you’re out on business and remove them when you’re not.
Not only are they a lot cheaper than having vinyl signage but it’s a lot easier to get the exact design that you want as it’s no different to printing a poster or banner.
They’re easy to clean and very durable too.

Photos of this displayed on the car will follow soon...As soon as it’s had a wash.

Marina-Gibson-Facebook Banners



These Instagran Story icons have been designed to be used across all kinds of media, from clothing to banners and vehicle graphics. This kind of continuity help to build your brand as these Instagram Story icons are mini logos in themselves and work in the very same way as any logo does in that they represent you and your business where ever they appear. So why not put them to work?