Marina Gibson Fishing. Logo design

Marina Gibson Orvis Trucker's cap
Marina Gibson is the UK’s highest profile female fly fisher and an ambassador for the prestigious Orvis company. With 50,000 followers on social media and regular articles and features in such publications as The Field, The Times, Country life and The Daily Telegraph - as well as being in demand as a fishing guide - she decided it was time to have her own logo to represent her many ventures.
From my discussions with Marina it was clear that the logo would need to cover a varied and growing range of services and products and would, therefor, need to have some degree of flexibility, but without loss of identity. For this reason I created two distinct versions of the logo which can also be used in whatever single-colour variation works best in a given situation. My design also allows for the removal of the word ‘Fishing’ allowing Marina to retain her identity when being represented outside the sphere of fly fishing.
My inspiration for this logo was the London fashion houses and one of the most famous salmon flies, the Green Highlander.



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