Magical Music and Movement runs classes for pre-school children carefully structured to help build confidence and skills such as listening, concentrating and following simple instructions, as well as developing their balance and coordination.
Their success has now lead to the business expanding and so needing a professional logo to replace the one they’d created when starting out. In these situations it’s often advisable to retain key elements of the original logo for the sake of continuity with their existing customers. In this case it was decided that we’d work with the same colour scheme, but I’d create an entirely new cartoon character and hand-draw the font.
As with all modern logos it needed to be designed in such a way that elements could be used for social media, or the layout rearranged to accommodate certain dimensions, such as a T-shirt.
Previously, the character had occupied a very minor part of their logo, but I wanted to create one that would really appeal to the children and become a far more prominent part of the company’s identity. On seeing my character design Magical Music and Movement realised it’s potential and were more than happy to build their identity around the character.