Brochure & Catalogue: Design & Writing

With digital printing becoming more widely available, anyone can have a high quality brochure printed as good as any top brand out there.
The only thing that stops it from being good is its design.
I am getting more and more enquiries regarding brochure design as smaller companies realise just how affordable digital printing has become, and how incredible the results are.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, a well designed, high quality brochure or booklet is a sure way to impress your customers. You don’t have to have thousands printed either as digital printing has very low set-up costs, so you can order what you need.
If you’re thinking about having a pamphlet, brochure or booklet created, then please get in touch for a quote. I will even arrange the printing for you, and check the proofs to ensure you get the best results.
My recommended printers are Ripe Digital. As their name suggests, they’re experts in digital printing.

Brochure design-Biddestone Boules-Bath Boules

Boules Brochures
I have been designing and illustrating this A4 size brochure for the past few years and it’s always a fun one to do. Printed on 200g satin paper it has a rich, high quality feel and superb reproduction. Having created the character of Biddy Boules, the duck, he features on every cover in a variety of poses. He’s also used on postcards and posters, with the latter proving a popular collector’s item with the kids!
You can find out more about his creation on the Cartoons page of our website

Brochure design Adcock Stanton

The Adcock Stanton Brochure
Following on from the success of the engraving designs I was asked to produce a small but high quality brochure depicting their full product range. With a very basic brief this brochure was designed, written and created in-house.

Brochure Design RMA Sports UK

RMA Sports UK Catalogue
This client required a high quality A5 catalogue to show as many of its biathlon and nordic ski product line as possible, clearly highlighting each brand in an easy to follow format. Each manufacturer was contacted by myself to supply their product images.
With the majority being Scandinavian they were extremely efficient and helpful in supplying very high resolution, professional product images, ensuring the very best quality when printed.

Ripe Digital Printer-Corsham-Wiltshire Ripe are specialists in all manner of digital printing and are based in Corsham, Wiltshire.