The Biddestone Arms might look like a quaint Cotswold public house, with its stone walls and classically tiled roof. However, it is owned and run by James Hedges, a chef who trained under the famous Roux brothers in London.
As you might imagine, the quality of food here is quite something. And while there is a warm and cosy bar, there is also a large and popular restaurant.
My brief was to produce a logo to be used throughout the business that, while using the pub’s name and colour scheme, conveyed the quality of food and service on offer, but without coming across as elitist.
I was also told that the buildings were to be painted white, in readiness for the new signage; Something which could have an impact on the final design.

Biddestone Arms Logo Design-Tarn Graphics

Biddestone Arms Kitchen logo design-creation Tarn Graphics
Due to the ever increasing popularity of their restaurant they decided to produce their own range of handmade pies to be sold, initially, in farm shops, at country shows and from their own premises.
With serious ambition to develop the brand it was important that the logo wouldn’t hinder its growth. This can easily happen when a logo is designed to work in a niche market, but then struggles to appeal to the masses. This creates confusion about the brand, which leads to the business requiring a new logo; effectively putting it back to square one.
For this reason I decided to take inspiration from classical, renaissance architecture and create an emblem using the acanthus plant. Classical design tends to give a logo longevity, and evokes the feeling of quality via association; Perfect attributes for this project.

Biddestone Arms brochure leaflet design-creation

In addition to the many posters, flyers and brochures I have designed for this client, they also wanted a display stands for their pies. Unfortunately, they were unable to find a company willing to produce the small quantity they were after, so they asked me.
I then came up with a two part design that could be printed onto A0 size card, which I then cut out and glued together. As they say, ‘Job done’.