Adcock Stanton: Fish Engraving Designs

Adcock Stanton, a British manufacturer, came to me with a novel request; to design images of specific fish to be diamond engraved onto its handmade fishing reels, when requested by discerning customers.
As an avid angler myself I was really looking forward to this project. However, this was no simple design exercise because the Roland engraving machine only works with certain image formats, and cuts its lines in a very specific way; two parallel lines to make one engraved line. Additionally, they would need to fit into a space of 3.5 cm x 3 cm, and then be approved by some of the country’s top anglers.

Adcock Stanton engraving designs Tarn Graphics Wiltshire

When I took on this project I had no idea just how incredible the results would be. The Roland engraving machine used by my client, produced such detail that I kept on adding more and more, just to see where its limit might be. When you consider the vast array of substrate that can now be engraved, I expect to see more companies exploring its potential.

Adcock Stanton reel-grayling

This lovely photograph comes courtesy of George Lockhart, an artisan float maker in the Yorkshire Dales. As a man passionate about his grayling fishing, there is only one reel for him, and he had this to say about the engraving:

‘I must take my hat off and congratulate you on a superb job, the engraving is spot on and very beautiful’
Please click on the float to view his website.