Thatchers Green Goblin: Cycling Jersey Design

This cycling jersey turned out to be a whole lot more work that I could ever have imagined! Fortunately, the design has proven very popular across the globe.
The problem was that while Thatchers could supply me with artwork for the goblin character, and their text, they didn’t have the rest of the design for anything other than bottle labels. The only way around this was to digitally recreate it, grass, plants, fields, oak leaves, pixies et all; so that’s what I did. My only guide was a cider bottle label, viewed under a magnifying glass.

Thatchers Gren Goblin cycling jersey design-creation Tarn graphics

Photo, courtesy of Impsport.

Thatchers Green Goblin Logo recreation painting

Pixies from pixels! Digitally hand painted to match, as closely as possible, the original acrylic painting. However, there did have to be some repositioning of the characters and background to fit the jersey pattern properly.