Fishing Adventures With Albert: Jersey Design

Albert Pretorius is a top-notch angler who is backed by Fox Rage, one of the premier tackle manufacturers in the world. His videos are watched by thousands and his passion for all things fishing is infectious. The creation of his own top was the next logical step in the development of his ‘Fishing Adventures’.
This project was a real joy and at the same time a real challenge. The brief was to create a design that stood out from the crowd, displayed the brands clearly, but of subtle enough colours that it could also be worn while fishing.
After much experimentation with my own camouflage patterns I hit on the idea of using fish as the camouflage. Hand drawing each fish enabled me to place them exactly as I needed, so that they fitted the space precisely. I then decided to use the jersey as a canvas on which to create a scene, adding the gravel bottom and water ripples to further enhance the camouflage effect whilst placing the fish in their own watery environment.
Having created the jersey I then needed to find someone to make them. I approached several UK manufacturers before talking to the team at Rhino Sports who had the exact template my client was after and weren’t at all fazed by the detail of the design. They were also happy to send me the templates for each size. This was a breath of fresh air as it allowed me to set the art work up so that the layout was consistent from medium to extra, extra large; effectively creating my own set of proofs.
The results speak for themselves: All laid out exactly as they were designed to be, and one very happy customer!

Fishing Adventures With Albert top design by Richard Gill
Fishing Adventures With Albert top design-Richard Gill at Tarn Graphics
Fishing Adventures With Albert top print detail

Superb high quality printing, even on a textured fabric. The drop shadows and gradients reproduced perfectly, ensuring my client got the results he expecte

fishing Adventures With Albert

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